President of the Parliament to discuss with the President of the Council of Nineveh province displaced file and maintain the salaries of staff and edit

House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, received, in his office, on Sunday, the President of the Council of Nineveh province, Mr. Bashar Alkika and a number of members of the provincial council. During the meeting, they reviewed the situation in the province of Nineveh, the ongoing liberalization of the city of Mosul Daash terrorist organization and preparations, as President al-Jubouri confirmed its support for all efforts aimed at the liberation of the city and save its people from the injustice they are brutal practices of the organization.
The meeting also included a discussion of displaced persons and the salaries of staff file and Nineveh police, as well as the importance of coordination between the provincial council and the House of Representatives and the government in order to reach radical solutions to the problems in the province.


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The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives