Jubouri calls the government to speed up the transfer of powers of the 8 ministries to the provinces not organized by a region
Sunday, 02 August 2015 14:39

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Parliament Speaker , Salim al-Jubouri called on Sunday the federal government for the need to speed up the transfer of powers of the eight main ministries

to the governorates not organized by a region to complete the transfer of all its powers, while considered decentralization as will save Iraq from the risk of separation and division.

Jubouri said in a speech during the supreme body’s meeting for coordination among the governorates not organized by a region that the transfer of powers represents an exceptional and confident step further from the center to the provinces and their ability to manage themselves , indicating that the provinces are worthy of this trust which has proven its ability to responsibility despite obstacles of terrorism and the economic setback in the country.

He added that these challenges are not easy as the provincial councils, governors and local officials continue to cooperate in order to pass this difficult stage.

Al-Jubouri said we call on the federal government to complete this transition that includes eight key ministries and for this process not to take a long time according to a specific timetable, adding that the country has multiple components and this diversity needs decentralization, which is the best way to cope with separation and division.