Aesideon and activists are demanding the international community to intervene to edit Alaesideat abducted

Gathered dozens of followers of the Yazidi religion, Sunday, in front of the UN building in Arbil to ask the international community to intervene to liberate abducted Alaesideat from the grip of "Daash," while stressing the consolidation of coexistence between religions.

The civil rights activist in the field of minorities who participated in the Adam Bidar assembly and today's news agency, said that "dozens of Yazidis gathered today in front of the UN building in Arbil," noting that "a number of civic organizations involved in organizing the assembly."

Bidar added that "the assembly came commemorate the first anniversary of the fall of the city of Sinjar Yazidi majority under the control of Daash," pointing out that "the participants raised slogans emphasize the religious coexistence and reduce the suffering of the Yazidis."

Bidart and continued that "the participants in the rally demanded the international community to intervene to liberate from the grip of the hijackers Alaesideat Daash," adding, "They emphasized the need to edit the Yazidi areas and the conversion of the Sinjar area to the province."

According to the Yazidi Affairs Directorate in 2923 to document the Yazidi people kidnapped since control "Daash" on Sinjar Yazidi and other areas, have shown that while the number released more than 1,500 people so far.

Controlled militants organize "Daash" the beginning of the month of August last on the Sinjar district, where he witnessed the elimination of the Yazidi majority major displacement of approximately 400 thousand displaced people, after trapping tens of thousands of Yazidis in Sinjar as well as the practice of killings and mass kidnapping by elements of the organization against women and men Yazidis .