Deputy: increased recharge cards prices must be at companies and not the citizen

Brother - Baghdad - Called the National Alliance MP Ola return Nashi, government pressure on the mobile phone companies to stop the increase in wages buy scratch cards services.

Nashi said in a statement it had received for News Agency (et) a copy of it, that "the government stop the theft public to mobile phone companies and the application of the budget law about charging 20% on wages buy scratch cards for mobile phone and sent by companies to the citizens via sms messages ".

She added, "This is against the law according to 2015 budget law, which impose a sales tax and not tax the purchase, saying that the sales tax must be borne by the mobile phone companies and is not a citizen who weigh his shoulders this increase."
Nashi and stressed "the need for companies to pay what Bzmtha to the federal government, especially since the country is going through a severe financial crisis needs to head with procuring the debt owed ​​by companies of which nearly trillion dinars."

It is said that the company "Zain Iraq" confirmed last Friday that the Iraqi government decided to impose a sales tax on citizens and mobile subscribers on Kartat recharge by 20% and increase the prices of all categories Kartat shipping and packing E for all prepaid and billing post-paid lines.

She explained that the decision will be applied starting from the first day of August 2015, according to the Ministry of Finance instructed the law under No. 2 for the year 2015, noting that this law applies to all participants in the mobile phone companies operating in Iraq.

The cards shipping rates began to rise, bringing Zain category 5000 dinars to 6500 dinars and category 10 000 to 12 000 and 15 000 dinars dinars card to 17 thousand and 25 thousand to 27 thousand dinars. /