We demand Abadi provide functional grades of Basra with the amounts of money the International Monetary Fund

The coordinating body for the provinces of non-performing province, on Saturday held a lengthy meeting with the Board of Governors and the heads of the provincial councils in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in what is considered the meeting is the last before the date of the transfer of powers in the sixth of this father. And about what would submit Basra During the meeting, President of the Provincial Council morning Albzona said in a statement to Radio tow that Basra will be prompted to give her part of the amount of one billion and 200 million dollars earned by Iraq from the International Monetary Fund recently to form a special committee to develop a mechanism for the disbursement of money on services which have Link directly with the citizen's life. He said among other things are also asked to provide a functional claim degrees to the people of Basra in the oil companies, which is considered one of the demands of the demonstrators.

He continued that the salinity of the water Albzona file will be present there where the center will be discussed with the government, noting that he will meet with the Minister of Water Resources also to discuss the establishment of desalination plants and filling the Shatt al-Arab, saying the dam is the only solution to get rid of the optimal salinity of the water once and for all.
The Minister of Water Resources Mohsen al-Shammari has called via radio tow in the 29th July 2015 the local government in Basra to the orientation of the capital Baghdad, the beginning of the week and provide what is available with regard to finance the construction of a dam on the Shatt al-Arab to reduce the salinity in the hyphen water to Basra, pointing out that the invitation to visit DC came to the use of time, stressing that he would visit the province after that to discuss with the local government and to listen to their programs and proposals in this regard.

Shammari said that reducing the salinity in the Basra water needs three first solutions eastward to eliminate the problem of the tongue salt in the Shatt al-Arab and the second north resolve the problem of salinity in the Shatt al-Basra and the last westward desalination spend Zubair and this in turn requires large sums of up to $ 600 million, pointing to the full readiness of his ministry to resolve the problem of salinity in the case of the provision of the necessary funds, whether from the local government of Basra or from the central government through loans or payment on credit system.
He Shammari that in the case of the availability of funding, the creation of the dam needs for several months only to be done, noting that the selection of the dam site will depend on the amount of funding on the one hand and resolve the issue of the Trinity line and the Convention in 1975 with neighboring Iran, noting that if the line deduction Trinity and adoption of the Convention on the 75 Van Dam It will be established on the back of the Shatt al-Arab nearest point to the Persian Gulf and is the site that the ministry prefers the establishment of the dam while if it is not reached an agreement with Tehran, the dam site will be near Qurna, adding that the move this file will not only be done in coordination with the local government of Basra.

The provincial council in Basra had announced via tow and in the words of his boss morning Albzona readiness of the Council to allocate funds from the province to create a navigational bridge in the district of Abu Fertile to eliminate repeated salinity of the water from time to time and that affected negatively on the lives and health of the citizens of Basra.
He called Albzona Minister of Water Resources and the concerned authorities in the central government to approve the establishment of such a dam and the establishment of desalination plants.