Protesters in Najaf besieging the vice president of the provincial council and beating him

Alsumaria News / Najaf
attacked some demonstrators in the province of Najaf , on Friday, beating the deputy head of the provincial council Luay al-Yasiri and encircled him inside a shop, with the security forces to provide protection to him and prevented the demonstrators from reaching him. The reporter said Alsumaria News in Najaf, some demonstrators attacked , on Thursday evening, beating improvised water on the Vice President of the Council Luay al-Yassiri, explaining that Yassiri was trying to calm the protesters and listen to their demands, but some of them assaulted him. The correspondent added that Yasiri took shelter in the security forces were besieged inside a shop in the courtyard of the twentieth revolution, pointing out that the security forces were trying to evacuate Yasiri from besieged the shop. Dozens of civilians and citizens activists staged, on Friday evening, a demonstration center of the province of Najaf to protest against poor services , while security forces proceeded to cut off the roads leading to the rally venue. The capital, Baghdad, Maysan province, today, organizing massive demonstrations of dozens of activists and citizens participated to condemn the poor services and corruption.