President of the Parliament is hosting a meeting of political leaders in order to develop a strategic framework to resolve all the problems in the province of Diyala

Hosted by Parliament Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, in his own office, on Thursday evening, a meeting of political and social leaders in order to draw a strategic framework to resolve all political, administrative and security shenanigans in the province and the distribution of conservative management in a fair ensure the presence and participation of all parties.
The meeting agreed to develop a common vision in this direction through the coming days and resolve all the problems pending between the political parties in order to ensure re-full of displaced persons, and the involvement of all components in the security file management and support of the people of the areas to take a more active role in the security of their areas.
The meeting was attended by Mr. Deputy National Alliance Hadi al-Amiri and MP Qassem Araji MP Mona Amiri while attended Iraqi forces of the Alliance MPs Salah al-Jubouri, thunder Aldhlگa addition to Sheikh Amer bamboo.
The Information Office
of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives