Parliamentary Finance: Iraq is going through a severe economic crisis due to corruption

Publishing Date: Sat, 01 Aug two thousand and fifteen 9:06:36

BAGHDAD News Agency said today-in member of the parliamentary finance committee, said Iraq can not at this time the implementation of financial obligations "operational or investment." He said Ahmed al-Haj,: The "Iraq is going through a severe economic crisis, which is not at present able to fulfill all financial obligations, whether operational or investment ", adding that" the Ministry of Finance has stated more than once that the salary is a matter of priority for them ", adding that" there is a problem in some sectors, especially the self-financing companies and the difficulty of this issue, but in all cases, will enable resolved . "

The parliamentary Finance Committee member Haider Mutlaq al-Kaabi revealed that the total revenues of Iraq since the beginning of the year 2015 amounted to 23 trillion Danar.ccant member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi, said that" Iraq will face difficult financial days in the months of August and September due to the next lower imports State "Iraqi state .otatmd in the construction of the annual financial budget by about 90% on imports of oil source, The decline in crude prices since the middle of last year to a significant decline in Iraq's resources as its budget in 2015 amounted to about $ 100 billion with a deficit expected up to 25%.