House of Representatives finish reading five bills

Majlis deputies Minutes finished eighth legislative term of the first legislature enacted the second, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 239 deputies on Saturday, 08.01.2015 the first and second readings of the five bills. At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri said parking House of Representatives, along with the people's will being to defend the rights of his representative in accordance with the duty entrusted to him in the Constitution, pointing out that the presidency of the Council emphasizes the constitutional and legal consistence peacefully to protest, according to laws and regulations set forth without compromising public money being reflects the will of the People demanding rights and pressure to get the urgent requirements to live in dignity.
Mr. President of the Council stressed that the House of Representatives past toward the face of corruption and hold negligent, demanding competent parliamentary committees to follow up the work of ministries hard and discuss the reasons for the delay in the delivery of services, noting that the presidency has received signed by a number of ladies and gentlemen MPs request to question the Minister of Electricity and will determine the appropriate time for the session interrogation trading with the executive.
On the other hand, Mr. Jubouri announced the House of Representatives held an expanded conference on Sunday to discuss the mechanics of the transfer of powers from some ministries to the provinces.
This was followed by the Kurdistan Alliance issued a statement on the occasion of the thirty-second anniversary of the notorious Anfal against Albarzanyen which claimed the lives of more than 8000 citizens and the displacement of thousands at the hands of the Baathist regime, noting that the process embodies the murder and genocide against the Kurdish people's campaigns, calling on the Iraqi government to assume its responsibilities and apply Federal Court decision as a crime against Albarzanyen Anfal genocide.
Council ended the first reading of the draft and the Ministry of Electricity Act and sponsored by the Commission on oil and energy and natural resources in order to develop the Ministry of Electricity and determine their functions and the establishment and development of infrastructure for the sectors of electricity and keep up with the progress and development technological as to ensure the electric power to all parts of Iraq to provide.
And between Mr. Jubouri that the House of Representatives will address the government's inquiry regarding the draft legislation to move the Ministry of Electricity Law.
Council first reading and completed the draft law amending the slogan of the Republic of Iraq and stamped No. (85) for the year 1965 submitted by the Committee on Culture and Information Given the political and social transformations that took place in light of the new political change in Iraq and the change made ​​in the flag of the Republic of Iraq and to identify cases of use of logo and seal of the Republic of Iraq and tighten punitive verdicts on who violates the specific uses of the emblem of the Republic.
Council completed the first reading of a bill to cancel the two numbered Law (21) and (36) for the year 2005 and submitted by the Legal Affairs Committees and members of the parliamentary development in order to provide land for investment and the creation of housing complexes and to rescind the two.
On the other hand, the House of Representatives completed the second reading of the draft border crossing points and submitted body of law, financial security and defense services, construction, legal, economic and investment committees.
In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, the governor Zamili MP confirmed the direction of the government towards the limbering, calling Add the law to project the Ministry of Interior Act and linking the border by the ports, stressing the importance of law in developing the work of ports and address a lot of the negatives, especially that the main supplier of the budget after oil The financial Ballwaradat of border crossing points.
MP Mohsen al-Sadoun not to link the body of border crossings and the federal government shared powers between the government and the regions are.
He MP Adnan al-Asadi said the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of belonging to the border crossing points suffer from a lack of budget which calls for the development of their work instead of forming a body of outlets.
He suggested MP Abdul Karim Alabtan Add portal and strengthen border crossings with instruments technological universe ports achieved great economic feasibility to revive the gross domestic product.
The MP Amer winner to form a body of border ports represents a major necessity but not in the form prescribed by law in overseeing the ports only, but it is important to include all outlets associated accessories.
For his part, MP Jamal Panthers on the need to have two deputies, one of the body representing the Kurdistan region and that are coordinated with the provincial government with respect to the development or cancel border ports.
He said the Attorney Jawad al-Bolani said the multiplicity of security agencies in each border port is dangerous, which requires grants and Minister of the Interior the power to form a security cell in the port with the importance of involving the province, which includes Vice border port in the cell, calling for investment outlets well to increase imports.
He cautioned MP Ammar Tohme that the importance of the law lies in the unification of departments in ports unified command to draw politicians customs efforts.
The MP Ardalan Noureddine said the bill is contrary to the constitutional article stipulates that customs be jointly between the provinces and the federal government administration, calling for the Council of border crossings body comprising representatives of the ports and not ministries.
He MP Abbas al-Bayati, the existence of chaos in the ports and has the power has the ability to conduct ports, demanding that the head of the body and functional service of not less than 10 years instead of 15 years.
For its part, the MP warned Layla al-Khafaji, from entering the investment to the border crossing points being streaked financial and administrative corruption.
The MP stressed Sherine Abdel Rahman to be legislation in accordance with the common law powers and not on the basis of the government to link the border ports.
She MP Nora Albjara support for the bill, wondering about the absence of any law or administrative federal recipe.
The MP pointed out that Joseph Saliwa the fate of the law will collide differences between the federal and provincial governmental, a proposal to link each port limits the provincial council.
In turn, MP Saleh al-Hasnawi to get the President of the border crossing points on the body is not a graduate degree and a university.
It demanded Rep. Ghaida Kmbh attention outlets across the border adoption of the electronic system in the work of border crossing points.
She stressed the MP Magda Tamimi on the need to rely on incompetent staff and Alenzahien in the structure of the body.
In its reply to the interventions, the Committee on the introduction of confirmed observations Ladies and Gentlemen of the House of Representatives fueling the bill in order to achieve economic interest of Iraq, indicating that the jurisdiction of the Commission for the purpose of control and supervision in the absence of any overlap with other bodies.
The House of Representatives and allergic second reading of the draft cybercrime and submitted by the Committees on Security and Defense, higher legal and Culture, Media and Human Rights and the second reading and education to the bill abolishing the Coalition Provisional Authority Order Act (now defunct) No. (68) for the year 2004 and submitted by the Committees on Security and Defense, legal at the request of the Commission security and defense for a week to resume the process of discussion with the other committees on the two projects.
Council and completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Law Loan Rehabilitation Project Hartha power station between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of Japan and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and submitted by the committees and foreign oil and energy and natural resources, financial and relations Convention on the Law.
In the interventions Khalati MP Hassan stressed the importance of the Convention in the rehabilitation of Hartha plant, which has been created by Japanese companies.
The MP pointed out that Amer winner rehabilitation during the Japanese leg of the loan is to enhance electric power in light of the situation faced by the country.
He called Jabbar al-Abadi to speed up ratification of the Convention because of its inherent great importance to the promotion of electric power mode.
And it showed the deputy Sajida Mohammad Yunus said the bill contributes to solving the power crisis faced by the country.
He said Rep. Joseph Saliwa opposition to the loan being a burden on the Iraqi people, calling for cleaning ministries of corruption and the corrupt pre-approved loans.
The MP Awad al-Awadi, the Japanese loan that has to take advantage of it properly and apply it in practice on the ground.
In its response to the interventions committees recommended the inclusion of the bill on the agenda for a vote at the earliest opportunity.
The President announced that the House of Representatives held a conference on the occasion of the first anniversary of the memory of the tragedy as well as meetings of the Yazidis belong to the National Guard Law.
Then it decided to adjourn the meeting until Monday next 08/03/2015
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