Coinciding with the popular protests and warnings read them .. Parliament today project the Ministry of Electricity Law

01/08/2015 10:28

/ Baghdad: Source News / House of Representatives in its meeting scheduled to be held on Saturday, reads the project and the Ministry of Electricity Law to coincide with the popular protests taking place in the capital and several provinces of ill-equipped electricity.

In a statement to the House of Representatives and received Agency / Source News / that "today's meeting agenda will include the first reading of the draft of the Ministry of Women Act and Family Affairs, and the project of the Ministry of Electricity Law, and the draft law amending the slogan of the Republic of Iraq and stamped No. 85 for the year 1965, and the bill to cancel the two numbered Law 21 and 36 for the year 2005 ".

"The agenda will also include the second reading of the draft border crossing points Authority Bill, the e-Crime Bill, the abolition of the Coalition Provisional Authority Order Act (now defunct) No. 68 of 2004 ".

The statement pointed out that "the second reading of the draft ratification law loan for a project to rehabilitate Hartha power between the Governments of the Republic of Iraq and Japan station Convention on the Law (the Japanese International Cooperation Agency), and project management of the human organ transplant and prevent trafficking law, will be listed on today's agenda of the meeting."

Baghdad is plagued by a number of provinces of the country, popular demonstrations condemning the poor services and the most important electricity .

It should be that the House had decided to continue to hold hearings on the Alinabah despite the presence of the government has declared a holiday on Thursday and last Sunday due to warmer Ahararh.anthy 68