Abadi speaks of "wake-up call" for his government 8/1
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Thread: Abadi speaks of "wake-up call" for his government 8/1

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    Abadi speaks of "wake-up call" for his government 8/1

    Abadi speaks of "wake-up call" for his government

    BAGHDAD / .. assured Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, that the recent demonstrations in the capital and other Iraqi cities represent an early warning sign for the government, as he emphasized to continue the austerity policy announced within the current year's budget.

    Ebadi said while chairing a meeting with the governors and heads of provincial councils for the transfer of powers and I followed the "eye of Iraq News," that "the right of citizens to demonstrate and express their views, and I thank all of pretense," asserting that "demonstrations citizens serve as an early warning sign for us."

    Abadi warned of a "resort people to bring down the situation after resorting to the revolutionary style," pointing out that "there is something wrong must be addressed cooperation of everyone."

    The head of the government "to continue the policy of austerity because of the financial situation of the country", noting that "the administrator must first have Almtsidin for that."

    The capital, and several other provinces, massive demonstrations denounced the reality service deteriorating, while demanded the removal of ministers "incompetent", while calling for improving the situation of electricity and eliminate corruption .anthy / 8

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