Saleh: salaries locked and talk about reduced rumors to create confusion

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister described the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Friday, reports that reducing the salaries of employees as mere "rumors and trying to stir up confusion" due to reduced allocations of the three presidencies, as he emphasized that the employees' salaries in is available.

Saleh said that "Iraq is passing through a security crisis and financial hardship because of lower oil prices," he said, adding that "the issue of borrowing from the Fund raised the budget for the financial year 2015".

Saleh added that "reducing employees' salaries are rumors came because of reduced allocations of the three presidencies," noting that "this does not prevent the examination of the many operational expenses, response and reduced numbers such as cars and housing allowances and deployment."

Saleh stressed that "the employees' salaries are generally safe, especially junior staff real and allowances can not be addressed," stressing that "the prejudice to staff salaries, are just rumors and trying to create confusion here and there and shuffle the cards."

The International Monetary Fund gave, on Friday (July 31, 2015), urgent assistance to Iraq $ 1.2 billion to face the economic consequences resulting from the organization "Daash" attack and the deterioration of oil prices.