Iraqis protesting taxes on phones as "mobile Lutfi"

wilight News / Iraqis protested the start of the decision to impose a 20 percent tax on shipping cards for mobile phones in a campaign in which "# Tefa_mopilkk" switching off their phones for an hour within Hachtag.Press Dlovan Brwaoa say on his account in Facebook "it" with taxing because the people who pay taxes held accountable governments, but before taxation must know where to go oil money, and where tax dollars go? ".

The campaign was launched from four o'clock until five in the afternoon.

Iraqis are believed to be what they'll do is put pressure on the companies to cancel the decision factor.

And it threatened the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary terminate licenses of mobile phone companies in the event of tax imposed on its subscribers.

The mobile phone companies, announced yesterday, to begin to impose 20% as "sales tax" on cards and electronic packaging for mobile phone companies.

The decision to impose the tax is applied to the decision of the Ministry of Finance.