Anbar Astelmtna only 5% of the budget in 2015

Anbar / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Anbar Provincial Council, said that he had received from the federal government 5% of the total financial budget for 2015 amounting to 163 billion dinars.

It fell fiscal revenue of the state with the drop in oil prices in global markets since the beginning of this year, accompanied by an increase in military spending because of the war against gangs Aldaashah in more than one province.

A spokesman for the Council for holiday Ammash (IMN) said that "the financial year drawing to a close, but so far the federal government 5% of the total financial budget for the province amounting to 163 billion dinars launched."

The federal government awarded in the middle of this year Anbar province, the amount of 10 billion dinars allocated to support the training camps Volunteers clans within the popular crowd forces to fight the terrorist gangs Daash.

Ammash and added that "the province has asked the Finance Ministry to speed up the release of the funds allocated to the province to enable them to provide more support for the province's displaced within the borders of the province and in other provinces."

Anbar says that about 1.2 million displaced people to leave his home and took refuge in safe areas in Anbar and in the governorates of the center and south and the north, to escape the Aldaashah practices terrorist gangs committed crimes against civilians.