Parliamentary culture calls for non-circumvent the law Media Network

BAGHDAD / scales News - It called the Committee on Culture and Information parliamentary, Saturday, board of trustees media network to continue in their current duties until the publication of the Iraqi Media Network Law in the Official Gazette to become effective.

The Chairperson of the Committee praised Maysoon al in a press conference with members of the committee today, and attended / scales News /, to "authenticate the presidency on the network media law and attitudes supportive of the law of political parties and civil society organizations, media, cultural and national figures."

She continued, "We look forward to the publication of the law in the Official Gazette and begin to implement it, including establishing a professional and independent network reflect the hopes and ambitions and concerns of the Iraqi people."

Damluji and warned that "any action proactively to circumvent the law before it becomes effective will face position is clear and firm by the parliamentary committee and the House of Representatives in general," ./ ended 29 n / 10