America formally declares its support for the Kurdish administrations in Syria

Twilight News / announced the official spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the American Mark Toner, Saturday, expressed his country's support for Kurdish departments, which manages the same self in Syria, stressing that it protects their regions.

Said Toner in a press statement (Arabiya television) and I followed Twilight News, that any area not controlled by "Daash" terrorist organization in Syria does not mean it is separate from Syria, stressing so on the United States to support these areas, which manages the same self in a number of departments Independent.

Toner said that his country will continue to help those forces which are fighting "Daash" on the ground to be able to weaken this terrorist organization inside Syria.

The majority Kurdish areas in northern Syria since 2012 announced the formation of three departments, autonomous regions and is continuing in the management and protection.