Abadi calls for the disbanding and the Ministry of Electricity

Brother - Baghdad - A member of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives MP Zaher al-Abadi proposal for the committee to resolve the Ministry of Electricity and Energy file transfer to the provinces.

Ebadi said in Baintelguet for News Agency (et) a copy of it, during the questioning of the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi session and the presence of Oil Minister and Vice-Abadi, "It is necessary after the Ministry of Electricity has failed to save energy for the citizens, to solve this ministry," noting that "the electricity had failed to all stages and levels which are punishable under the assumption of the ministry. "

He added that "the citizen to clearly aware of what was spent on the Ministry of Electricity from Chapter virtually adopted by many of the project funds, but the weakness of the state and lack of control over administrative corruption factors prevented progress reality service, including the provision of electricity."

And strengthened Abadi proposed to "a set of goals that will serve the citizen and the official where there is no legislator for the Ministry of Electricity just like any other important ministries Law, as well as that each province would be responsible for providing electrical power to its citizens so as not to harm the other to maintain as is currently happening in Mosul and some provinces ".

A member of the parliamentary energy committee that "the electricity service within the project be conservative and within the validity of the projects that serve the citizen in his province without relying on the ministry."