Member of the parliamentary finance holds the government responsible for the economic crisis

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Carrying member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri , Thursday, the central government the responsibility of the economic crisis in the country, attributing the reason for it not to put "clear program", as he emphasized that state revenues are currently not exceeding two billion dinars. Jubouri said in an interview to the Sumerian News, he said that "all state revenues earned in the first six months amounted to 23 trillion, and distributed them 21 trillion for the salaries of the staff," pointing out that "the revenues the state now does not exceed two billion." He said al-Jubouri, that "the government is responsible for the economic crisis, but the oppressed people of politicians to pay tax errors," adding that "the government has not developed a clear program and wasted a lot of money between the poor planning and management of non-rational". The world oil prices have seen a significant decline over the past months, resulting in damage to several countries including Iraq.