Start imposing their revenue multiplicative sales 20% on Kartat Mobabil from Saturday

It announced that mobile phone companies, on Friday, to start to impose 20% as "sales tax" on cards and electronic packaging for mobile phone companies, as pointed out that the imposition of Aldharbah comes in implementation of the decision of the Ministry of Finance. The mobile phone companies in the short messages (SMS) sent to subscribers today, and shared it with (long-Presse) that "according to the Ministerial Order issued by the Ministry of Finance / General Authority for taxes for all mobile operators, will be from tomorrow the first Saturday of the month of August for the year 2015 collection and transfer of sales tax and the $ 20% of the nominal value are installed on the scratch cards and electronic tired for prepaid service and monthly bills for payment on credit sales tax service users. "
He was adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, confirmed Saturday (January 3, 2015) that the taxes imposed on the citizen will not be great but it will cover part of the budget deficit, noting that placed the government's plans to raise taxes foreign and domestic loans will cover the deficit, and called upon the economic expert to put the collection system "is protected from corruption" to obtaining the tax, confirmed a representative of the private banks, private banks will take that role in the next phase.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee has revealed, in (14 December 2014), for the government's efforts to address the budget deficit due to falling global oil prices through a series of austerity measures that would provide at least $ 13 billion, the Commission predicted that the government resorted to dispose of 50 percent from the Rafidain and Rasheed reserves, as well as borrowing from the balance of the commercial bank and fund minors, as the Commission suggested that includes austerity "luxury expenses sovereign" which said it accounts for 10 percent of the country's budget.

The Council approved, on Tuesday (June 2, 2015), to meet the customs tariffs and taxes in all border crossing points to Iraq, while pointing out that this procedure will take effect early next month of August.