Deduction of 5 percent of the total salary for all employees and retirees reasons ..? !!
Date: 07/31/2015

Palm-suggested MP from the Union of National Forces MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, the deduction of 5% of the total salary for the staff of Iraqis and retirees as "compulsory savings", to be re-withholdings them yet overcome the crisis, as called for raising taxes on goods except food.

Jubouri said during a press conference held today at the parliament building that "in light of the low world oil prices and the need for the State to cover the war on Daash expenses and for the state treasury support, we suggest that is shut down and re-allocation of all of the benefits and social solidarity in the three presidencies, including independent bodies and grades own. "

"We also propose a reduction in the expenses of the diplomatic corps and officials, including the House of Representatives by 50%, and the deduction of 5% of the total salary for all Iraqis, including retired Kedjar compulsory re after them overcome the crisis."

He stressed the need to al-Jubouri, "government debt of mobile phone companies are met and the agreement with the credit 70% of the imports of these companies to meet the state treasury, including the state because of the delay for many years for the payment of government dues Bzmmha".

He stressed "the importance of the tax code and re-filed on consumer and luxury goods except for food", calling for "open donations for companies and businessmen and civil banks to support the state treasury and under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance Fund."

Jubouri said that "the proposal also includes the formation of a committee to limit spending in all state institutions for the purpose of rationalization and saving money, and the formation of a parliamentary committee to review the agreements of government contracts in the age of the current government and to be concluded in the future in order to maintain an overvalued prices."

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri said in (4 December 2014), that the House of Representatives will not be allowed to prejudge the salaries of staff and reduction, as called for everyone to participate in budget support due to the financial crisis experienced by the country.

The Council of Ministers approved in the (July 21, 2015), to reduce the top positions allocations and the three presidencies, and decided that the amount received by the President of the Republic and the parliament by salary and allowances of the Prime Minister.