Parliamentary legal bearing parliamentary committees responsible for the delay of important laws

Date: 07/31/2015 11:35

Information / Baghdad / ..
the parliamentary legal committee confirmed Friday that holding parliamentary committees delayed private among themselves about the pass laws meetings a major cause of disabled pass service laws that serve the citizen.

The committee member said Salim Shawki told / information /, that " There are laws must take priority and importance in the parliament as a law Labour and Social Security, which provides living aid for large class of the Iraqi people, "adding that" the law read a second reading has not passed yet. "

He added that "SOA laws must not be the less important than laws Political encountered a lot of differences between the blocs, "attributing the cause of delay in approving the service laws to" slow parliamentary committees to hold meetings to discuss the laws that are supposed pass after pass approval. "

I often face a number of MPs and politicians and the Iraqi street sharply criticized the Parliament for not being able to From the age of important laws, particularly affecting the lives of citizens in Mbacr.anthy / 25 u