Carr provided between Vice and economic customs tariff on: Warnings from the burning of "merchants" of the market

Since 07/31/2015 19:49 pm (Baghdad time)

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Said economic expert on behalf of Antoine, on Friday, that "traders" Iraqis will take advantage of the launch of the customs tariff "collection" to trigger a price in the market, among the economic and investment commission parliamentary member Mohammed Abbas that the Iraqi economy is an urgent need to activate the customs tariff.

He said Antoine L / scales News /, that "the law of customs tariff in these times is very important, especially after the great Iraqi economy and the decline and the decline in oil prices, deterioration," noting that "traders" will work to exploit the launch of the customs tariff to ignite all prices of materials in the market through Rfm Baldgv prices. "

He said economic expert, said that "application of the law will limit the entry of the phenomenon of shoddy goods and is good through cooperation with several parties as" standardization and quality control and economic crime "as well as the departments of the Ministry of Commerce."

In a related development, Abbas said L / scales News /, that "the customs tariff law will be applied in all the northern and southern ports of Iraq," noting that "Iraq's economy is now in dire need of activating the customs tariff".

He said a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, said that "the government and the police are now the economy the formation of specialized committees to follow up the entry of materials across the border and to ensure the non-proliferation more" corruption ", revealing at the same time" not concerned control of corruption ability in circles customs ".

It is said that "the parliamentary Finance Committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed said earlier, that the new customs tariff law to the benefit of the northern ports, especially since the province applied tariff Kmarkip law imposes lesser amounts of the new law."

This "The Minister of Trade Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim, earlier, for the approval of the Kurdistan Regional Government on the customs tariff of the Federal Government, stressing that a delegation from Baghdad, is in the region to discuss ways to regulate the export and import mechanisms" .anthy 29/9 P