Cancel trillion dinars of the popular crowd budget allocations in 2015!

Since 07/31/2015 15:36 pm (Baghdad time)

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Revealed the decision of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Ahmed Rasheed meat, on Friday, the Federal Court overturned the popular crowd forces allocations amounting trillion dinars from the federal budget for 2015.

Rashid said L / scales News / "The Federal Court has decided that the constitutionality of some of the federal budget for the current year materials, including the article" 4 "private financial Mounaqlat which allocated the trillion dinars to support the popular crowd forces," noting that "the Federal Court ordered the government to take charge of the support of the crowd forces People and the allocation of money to them. "

And questioned the decision parliamentary finance committee "pain Leader in mind of issued the decision to cancel the popular crowd allocations and displaced mean the withdrawal of those who are fighting terrorism support all this result in the interest of the organization Daash terrorist," noting that "the Federal Court in its decision that they have seized the right of the Constitutional Parliament It launched by the government and established a new situation in which we get from Parliament before the rejection or acceptance of the option the next budget law for this and what the repercussions on the political and social situation of the country. "

The "Federal Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional the federal budget some materials for the current year 2015," asserting that "the legislation was contrary to the constitution of the fact that these materials were not present in the original sender of the project from the government to the parliament."

The "House of Representatives approved the financial budget for the current 2015 in the amount of 119 trillion dinars, the equivalent of $ 117 billion, and a deficit of about 25 trillion dinars or about 23 billion dollars, and calculates the price of a barrel of oil at $ 56 a barrel," .anthy 29 / d 25