Zamili denies's / scales News / stop work Mall Baghdad: the reluctance because of lack of funds

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Denied Baghdad Provincial Council member Ghaleb Zamili, Friday, stopped working in the mall "Baghdad" in fact Harthiya district center of the capital, as he emphasized that lack of funds behind the reluctance of the project.

He said Zamili's / scales News /, "The draft Mall" Baghdad "actually in Harthiya district of central Baghdad is one of the most important investment projects, a landmark in terms of achievement and implementation, design and compares with foreign and Gulf countries projects as well," noting that "work is continuing the project was finally stopped. "

He said a member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, said that "the reluctance of the project dates back many, mainly due to lack of funds among the local investors because of economic developments in the Iraq crisis."

This is the "Mall Baghdad shopping mall distinctive resort vital world-class in the heart of the capital, Baghdad, is designed specifically to give the people of Baghdad and its suburbs new vitality place a sense, which spans a total area of ​​16,000 square meters, Baghdad Sinfrd Mall leading the development of movement in the sales sector to set off out to promising prospects. Baghdad provides Mall Mrtade real experience of life full of notions of modernity and development, which is based on providing the highest international standards in the field of shopping services, eating delicious meals, entertainment, hospitality, health care, and a sense of the joy of life in one place. "

Located Baghdad Mall "in a strategic sense of the word as a site close to the Green Zone and commercial areas located in the heart of the capital Baghdad and Kalmansour Harthiya."

It "will serve with pride at least 7 million people from the capital and its suburbs, it aims Baghdad Mall to be a milestone in the world of blends fun shopping and entertainment to be a teacher so culturally and commercially par excellence" .anthy 29 / P 9