After Basra and Nasiriyah .. demonstrations in protest against the architecture of power outages, and Abdul Mahdi, calling for a "reasonable balance"

Posted by: Mustafa al-Husseini


Hundreds of residents spend Hungary Great (25 km south of the province of Maysan) Thursday, to protest against the continuous power cuts, and threatened to ongoing protests and civil disobedience and spare Baghdad through Basra in the absence of the relevant response, and while underlining "failure" of the political experiment in Iraq to the lack of sincerity In intentions.

He said one of the demonstrators and called Rahim Sarraji in an interview: "All the children and the people of Hungary large came out today in this demonstration to find out the reasons that led to the outage of electricity and not regularly arriving in the judiciary and to show that the fake media, who described Maysan Dubai Iraq was a political lie."

He Sarraji, said that "the fate of anyone who wants to make fun of the people who became known that the political experiment in the country failed miserably for lack of sincerity in its intentions inevitable failure," stressing that "the government completely unable to provide services after more than ten years of launch balloons promises. "

He called Sarraji, everyone to "generally wrong to stand up and show the truth that politicians who sit trying behind the air-conditioned offices with servants and cars shaded reversed and the looting of the poor and disadvantaged rights", stressing that "the people will these politicians elected again will not be a victim again being realized right from wrong." , calling for "an end to the tragedy experienced by the citizens and the provision of services."

For his part, said demonstrator Haidar Alaleaoa: "The slogans which carried the day was at heart and they represent if the citizen war we face today against Daash accompanied by another war called electrical crisis, which has become like poison and curse us," blaming the local and central governments, "the responsibility of the power crisis and what is happening from anger in the street. "

He asked Alaleaoa, "Where you go electricity produced by plants in Maysan that, Wayne credibility to speak launched by the Ministry of Electricity and local government with the exception of the province of pieces programmed," and threatened that "the demonstration will be the spark for the demonstrations other in case of failure to respond to the people's demands to provide electricity, and will be for the protesters Options open civil Kalasaan and the continuation of protests and cut the highway between Baghdad Basra. "

Hundreds of residents of the city in Nasiriyah demonstrated, in (July 26, 2015), to protest against power outages, and set fire to automobile tires and blocked some roads, and in what was dubbed the police fired into the air to disperse the demonstrators, ordered the governor of Dhi Qar, the arrest of the shooter.

The oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi attributed, on Thursday, the worsening power problem to a lack of strategy and regulation of consumption and distribution plans, and confirmed the futility of increasing production to the widening gap between supply and demand, as called for a "reasonable balance" between the attention to the problem of electricity and other problems.

The Ministry of Electricity announced, Wednesday, direct Ministry of Oil processing plants agreed fuel it, while heralded that the processing time will see a "significant improvement" in Baghdad and the provinces up for more than 12 hours a day, confirmed that it will begin "immediately" to the implementation of the decision the prime minister raise exceptions for all state departments.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Bahaa al-Araji, confirmed Wednesday that the solution to the problem of electricity need time and material and human potential of large, indicating that some members of the House of Representatives rely on news reports have no validity.

The Ministry of Electricity announced, in (the 28th of July 2015), for the approval of the Ministry of Oil on the processing of five thousand tons of kerosene oil per day, expected to contribute to increasing the hours of processing of the capital Baghdad and several provinces.

The electricity minister, announced last Saturday, the country's need to 21 thousand megawatts, and confirmed that the capital Baghdad alone need six thousand megawatts to eliminate the electricity crisis, while between the ministry is currently producing 11 000 megawatts, it said it received three out of nine billion dollars demanded by the current of the year 2015 budget.

The protests affected many provinces as a result of the deterioration of the electricity, and the continuation of the worsening energy crisis without a radical solution, despite promises "dumped optimism", launched by several senior government officials in this regard, headed by former Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, and Vice President for Energy , Hussain al-Shahristani, as well as ministers of all electricity in the previous governments. Related Links: Demonstrations in Nasiriyah to protest the pricing of electricity Electricity Announces connect the Shatt al-Basra terminal obstetric line card in 4000 in order to Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Electricity Minister Inaugurate Rumaila gas station in the province of Basra Ministry of Justice ..nql prisoners to jails Basra and Nasiriyah a precautionary measure and regulatory Electricity went to a recent accusations Mayor cut off electricity to the Heat "Fit of rage" in Basra could topple the Minister of Electricity and the Governor