Washington recognizes the United Nations $ 8.3 million from US grant for the reconstruction of the liberated areas in Iraq

July 30, 2015

Baghdad / center Bri network media Iraq (IMN) The capital, Baghdad, on Thursday signed a memorandum of approval between the United States and the United Nations and the Iraqi Government the Government of the US Grant to achieve immediate stability in liberated areas, where Washington will be initiated under this recognition of the first value of 8.3 million premium delivery dollars to the United Nations for the implementation of projects.

A statement issued by the Council of Ministers received the (IMN) a copy of which was "a confirmation of the directives of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi to start to re-stabilize the liberated areas from the clutches of Daash terrorist gangs, took place in his office this thirtieth day of July of the 2014 signing of a memorandum endorsement ceremony between the United States government and the United Nations and the Government of Iraq, the US Grant to achieve immediate stability in the liberated areas. "

According to the statement, the United States, will begin under that "delivery amounts premium first $ 8.3 million to the United Nations, which will manage the implementation of quick-impact projects for the rehabilitation of basic services and humanitarian needs and which will receive the amounts of donor countries successively under what was decided at the Paris Conference in the month of June. "

It should be noted that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed during his attendance at the Paris conference on the importance of international support, and to restore stability that require quick and direct action to coordinate the efforts.

He also stressed the importance of accelerating the reconstruction efforts under the responsibility of reconstruction fund for the implementation of large and strategic projects in the liberated areas, which is being edited by the armed forces and the sons of the popular crowd and indigenous tribes.