"Wikileaks Baghdadi state" (2) - America put the Front victory without Daash on the list of terrorism. Why ?!

31/07/2015 03:36

After the inauguration of al-Baghdadi as a front for the terrorist act organized, and the presence of mind former mastermind of the Baathist Haji Bakar, along with Prince the new interface, where cross-warbler that "Colonel Haji Bakr became since then lieutenant Abe Bkralbgdada not Evargah in any meeting in his capacity as Minister Profile him but was in fact the shadow commander . "

Then a new phase was launched to achieve preset targets. What are these goals? What are the new changes under the government and al-Baghdadi Haji ?? Data addressed warbler secret about what happened, we light them into an analytical approach to how to lay the foundations of a project sponsor of terrorism by the Organization points behind this renaissance is random and non-real-time terrorism.

Building the organizational structure of Daash independently Alhadh_ the birth of the project takfirist intelligence:
Tweets published sequence: "Colonel Haji Bakr began to hold private meetings with Abe Bkralbgdada for the preparation of the new organization structure, and was the first two interest of the establishment agreement:
The first security apparatus and the second device resources and support.

"Preliminary security steps that Colonel corner Haji Bakar them are immunized facade Abe commander Bkralbgdada to meet with sub-leaders, so as not to fall under their influence or direct them, and linking the process of receiving sub-leaders orders from Prince through the leaders of the Shura Council, which was formed by Colonel later that transports them Prince decisions (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi).

Then was authored mini councils belonging to Haji Bakar directly, was the distribution of tasks in accordance with the disciplinary process have power of attorney device filtering tasks dissidents and spies and espionage and surveillance and which has been assigned to this device to carry out the assassination of qualifying and highly confidential.

And under the pretext of lack of intent liquidation orders pass through the organizational hierarchy for statesmen Vtaatserb, appointed Colonel detachments on the officers and former colleague called him Abossphoan Rifai, it has been formed to activate the device securing substantial financial resources process.

Post Founded:

During this period, the Colonel advisers put what he called the Shura Council of the State of Iraq from 7 to 13, not including non-Iraqi people for fear of penetration.

Enter Syria to the events and their impact on the organization of the Department of State of Iraq:

According to the leaks, the Syrian events began and headed the attention of members of the State of Iraq to Syria and especially non-Iraqis, especially the Syrians, Vtakov Colonel Haji Bakar of leakage members of the Iraqi state by going to Syria, which is a justification for some of its members and leaders who are looking for a way to split the organization of the State of Iraq, said Syria take her Papa.

Then advised Colonel Haji Bakar, Aboubacralbgdada directing all leaders to a no-brainer to go to Syria and that anyone who goes considered a renegade and externally.

The Aboubacralbgdada this directive and within it a threat and was the reason ostensibly that the situation is clear and must wait for Syria.

When boiling appeared in the State of Iraq Giralaracaan to go to Syria, and it is almost out of control, then display Colonel Haji Bakar idea of ​​forming a group of non-Iraqis to go to Syria and is led by a Syrian leader to prevent any Iraqi state from going there.

The birth of the victory in front of Syria and the separation of the split, which angered and Haji Bakr al-Baghdadi:

Then was formed (Al-Nusra Front) and began to grow, led by Abomamed Joulani even began her grow up and swell and become Abomamed Joulani name rise globally, and began to elements of the Gulf states, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Europe and Yemen flock to Al-Nusra Front strongly and frequent.

This climb has become a scary colonel and Baghdadi, because it does not exist in the ranks of Al-Nusra Front any loyalty to the State of Iraq and al-Baghdadi, then urged Haji Bakr al-Baghdadi Ali Joulani is to announce through the audio clip that victory Front subsidiary officially the State of Iraq under the leadership of al-Baghdadi, then promised Joulani thinking and meditation and taking days did not issue him something, he sent al-Baghdadi rebuke and censure him, and returned and promised to think about and consulted around him from the elements and science students.

Joulani he sent a message to the Baghdadi effect that this announcement is not in favor of the revolution the opinion of all of the Shura Council has. Then Colonel much anger and al-Baghdadi, and sent spies in the form of "Mujahideen" and Shura branch of al-Baghdadi to be there next Joulani and watching his movements.

Fear of any harm, Joulani began gave them severe anxiety and under his movement and his behavior, and took flattering Jalsah praising the state of Iraq and al-Baghdadi, courtesy of the pious and to increase the mistrust.

Then America began to croon about Al-Nusra Front to join the terrorist list and Joulani largest wanted list, was the chance that Joulani disappears from the people who sent them to al-Baghdadi, monitored and isolated in the leadership of a closed circle composed of people is selected.

US behavior Amartib_ victory terrorist Daash not !!

Indeed, America included the Al-Nusra Front to the terrorist list and was considered the largest Joulani required Syria.

In this situation, which expressed warbler that leaking data about the course of events inside the nests of terrorism, it seems clear American bias in favor of the organization of the State of Iraq then and standing against al-Al-Nusra Front, and this is expressed in the US resolution, which spent put the victory on the list of terrorism The organization Daash which targeted Americans princes former Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and immigrant was causing this organization charges that the head of terrorism in Iraq, there is a dual US suspicious behavior and suspicious overlooked organization upon the arrival of Haji Bakr al-Baghdadi and leadership to power !!

In addition to these serious in the US approach duplication, indicators questioning the way the delivery of Haji Bakr to power, which in turn has to install the rule of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as well as major questions raised about the identity of the squadron whereabouts of Abu Omar and the Egyptian-American to be targeted aircraft and killing them?

Does the Baghdadi and Abu Bakr's role in the killing of Abu Omar and immigrant ?? Is it regarded as the emergence of Haji Bakr al-Baghdadi "repentant Baathists" to Alasqa leadership of the organization, and then they took the helm of leadership after blow shift by the US, and then the US support for the organization in the face of Al-Nusra Front over the last position on the list of terrorism ... Is this US approach keeps State Prosecutor as the belligerents the forefront of terrorism in innocent of this conspiratorial venture led Daash and those who stand behind him of the liars through their intelligence, which failed to identify al-Baghdadi and Haji Bakar when they arrived to the US prison and came out because of good behavior in the years in prison according to the US report !! site ????

For what tells us "Wikileaks Baghdadi state" report (3), which expands and deepens the leaks very important about the course of terrorism and dark and secret life behind the scenes that do not reach us by the murder, but the smell of blood and death spread in parallel with the senior US hypocrisy. Fattabona.

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