He stressed that the relevant ministries required to perform its obligations to maintain ... the speaker of parliament Salah al-Din on the verge of a new phase requires cooperation and build bridges of confidence

House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, received in his office, on Wednesday, a delegation of members of the House of Representatives for Salahuddin province, in addition to the President and members of the Provincial Council.
Listen and sovereignty during the meeting to a detailed explanation by Messrs President and members of the provincial council for the situation and the problems and obstacles that hinder the work of the Council, especially with regard to the launch of non-financial allocations concerning the maintenance and the negative consequences that resulted. President al-Jubouri confirmed that Salahuddin province pass today a new phase requires to build bridges of trust and cooperation between all parties and resort to serious dialogue to overcome those problems.

He stressed that the humanitarian issue must be a priority, especially with the return of thousands of displaced families and what it requires from the provision of services and infrastructure rehabilitation in addition to direct local departments for their work, pointing out that it requires giving priority to the public interest and mobilize more efforts and energies. Mr. Speaker also stressed that the relevant ministries required to perform its obligations to maintain and to do its utmost to promote and support the victories achieved mentioned religion to people of the province by the sacrifices they have made.

Information Office
The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives