Integrity Committee will host gentlemen Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and ministers of electricity and oil and finance to solve the electricity crisis

Integrity Committee hosted on Wednesday, 29.07.2015 with the Commission on oil and energy, Mr. Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Mr. Minister of Electricity and Oil Minister and the Minister of Finance to discuss the electricity crisis and develop appropriate solutions. During the meeting, they discussed the provision of the Oil Ministry fuel for the Ministry of Electricity to supply power plants and to provide the Ministry of Finance the necessary liquidity to the Ministry of Oil for the processing of fuel and contracting and discuss investment contracts subject of the forward and the mechanism of power between the provinces and regions distribution in those provinces. It was agreed that the Ministry of Oil processing the Ministry of Electricity b (5000) thousands of cubic meters of fuel and entering the 1000 megawatts to the service and to provide the Ministry of Finance funds to the Ministry of Oil and the participation of the Integrity Committee and oil parliamentary meetings of the Committee on Energy in the Ministry of Electricity and put to address the power crisis future strategic plans.