Tamimi calls for the National Alliance to intensify its efforts to resolve the National Guard Law

30/07/2015 06:01

/ Baghdad: Source News / MP Furat al-Tamimi , the National Alliance to hold intensive meetings with the rest of the political blocs in order to reach a final solution to the adoption of the National Guard Law.

Tamimi said in a statement published Thursday that "the lack of political agreement with the rest of the blocks in some of the laws that the political fuss, prevented passed in the House of Representatives, including the Federal Court Act, where it was agreed on the overall legal materials only moot point one without passing the vote on the law ".

"We hope that during the legislative year blocs beyond the points of contention in the National Guard and the parties of the Federal Court Rules; because it is important and where the constitutionality of entitlements and benefits to the people of Iraq, most notably the National Guard Law".

He added, "and to give back to the Mujahideen of the popular crowd, we need to speed up the approval of the National Guard Law; to give legal cover to those Mujahideen and systems of their rights and the rights of their families, the National Alliance demands today to hold meetings with the political blocs to reach a final consensus for the adoption of this law." It ended a