Political document and the law of the National Guard in "before the middle" between Khalati and Zobaie

Said the National Alliance MP Hassan Khalati, that some of the current formation of the government agreements are not subject to a time roof and most of them have been implemented.

He explained in a statement to Khalati program "before the middle" on the channel "here Baghdad," the space, that differences on the National Guard Law summed up in the ratio of the population and the leadership of reference.

For his part, he saw the former deputy prime minister Salam al, that the political document and the document hollow alliance and coalition forces for illegal components that fell to the Daash.

He Zobaie told the same program, to the political project that Sunni and Shiite and Kurdish will never Atuaqgua, and added: "We do not have a national project that combines the Iraqis."