Alloizi for "Here Baghdad": Report of the Commission of Inquiry fall of Mosul ensures operational environment includes financial and administrative corruption files

The member of the Commission of Inquiry the fall of Mosul, Abdul Rahman Alloizi, that the report of the Committee ensures the operational environment and the course of events that led to the downfall of the province, pointing out that the report included cases involving administrative and financial also the files of corruption, which is a document that did not keep a small but and I mentioned about the cause of the fall of Mosul .

He Alloizi in a statement to the program "before the middle" on the channel "here Baghdad," the space, to that there was no fundamental disagreement great about accused the fall of Mosul figures, and added: "More than 700 police officers formed against the boards investigative, and we listened to the testimony of more than 100 person and hours of investigation amounted to 160 hours.

He concluded by saying: "We will raise our recommendations to the House of Representatives to vote them."