Deputies: Government reforms assured the world the success of the march 7/30/2015
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Thread: Deputies: Government reforms assured the world the success of the march 7/30/2015

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    Deputies: Government reforms assured the world the success of the march 7/30/2015

    Deputies: Government reforms assured the world the success of the march of the political process

    BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab - Muhannad Abdul WahabMembers of the House of Representatives described the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter's recent statements about Iraq as "constructive", Aazin the current US and international attitude towards Iraq that dates back to the cohesion and harmony of the Iraqi government and for being able to include all the political parties and unite efforts against terrorism and its commitment to the political program which was agreed and the participation of all the components of Iraqi society.

    Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary governor Zamili pointed out that US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter pledged to the Iraqi government with the support without preconditions came after confirming that the reformist government plans in all fields is going according to the national approach, stressing the endeavors of some external actors led to the destruction of Iraq's failure and it It failed to achieve any of its objectives despicable.
    He explained, statement singled out the "morning", said the success of the "government, despite the obstacles and the negative role of some countries led to the formation and another view of the Iraqi strategy to unify the ranks of the Iraqi people and the proof of this effort is clear to the people of the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes in the elimination of Daash criminal", urging the government to "do more and to find solutions to most of the problems and obstacles through dialogue with all the political blocs away from the conflicts that would be futile to disable only the state-building and keep pace with progress in the world."

    Zamili and pointed out that "some quarters malicious schemes and the failure of non-achievement in its efforts to dismember Iraq has made the US command have to support Iraq without any condition or restriction, according to the minister reported by the American media."

    While the House of Representatives confirmed the decision Imad Youkhana that several fundamental points was the cause of Masrah by US Secretary of Defense including the state of progress in a number of files toward the internal administrative reform and political participation and satisfaction of some political parties objecting to the way the State Administration.

    Youkhana added, in an interview for the "morning", that "the pledges US administration came as a result of the overall political changes in the region, including the nuclear deal the American Iranian who played an important role in reaching the American leadership to this conviction as well as the victories achieved by the popular crowd in the battles, despite criticisms faced at the beginning of it and the province agree with the federal government in fighting Daash ".

    Youkhana and pointed out that "the government program agreed upon by the political blocs reverse good results for the government effort in which the government has shown its seriousness in shaping Iraqi politics at ranges far and get everyone involved in the political process" success.

    On a related matter, the view of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Adnan al-Asadi that US Defense Secretary's remarks indicate a good indicator to understand the United States to the role of the Iraqi government in the reconciliation process included the political parties which confirms that the government has succeeded in performing its functions politically.

    Asadi said, in a statement made by the "morning" that "the success of the executive branch in the correct political process led to a change of attitude of the United States and its support for the Iraqi government without preconditions," stressing the need for the Government continues and political blocs its efforts to build a political process and show it is worthy of the great Iraq and its history. "

    Asadi and called that "the political blocs understands the importance of these statements in order to proceed with the draw a good picture of Iraq in the world" and urged the countries of the civilized world "to help Iraq in its war against Daash criminal and understands the importance of his role in the payment of the threat of terrorism and its evils from the world."
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