"Daash" plan for "the end of the world." 7/30/2015
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Thread: "Daash" plan for "the end of the world." 7/30/2015

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    "Daash" plan for "the end of the world." 7/30/2015

    "Daash" plan for "the end of the world."

    Khandan - revealed document that the organization "Daash" terrorist secretly planning to fabricate "end of the world" through attacking India in an effort to drag the United States into full-scale war.

    Written in Urdu document recently leaked to the US media of a Pakistani national by someone in contact with the Taliban, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British.

    It is believed that this document was written by gunmen from the "Daash" and aims to recruit militants from the Taliban and al Qaeda, as it urges them to join the new organization a terrorist in order to form a "global caliphate."

    The document confirms that preparations are underway to attack India, which reveals the "ambitious", "Daash" drag America's global war.

    According to the document: "The United States tried to attack and its allies, and this is skeptical it, will unite the nation, which will result in a final battle."

    The document also reveals the scheme "Daash" to attack American soldiers withdraw from Afghanistan, in addition to the killing of American diplomats and attacking Pakistani officials.

    And see the US intelligence officials this document, and they believed that it would be a real and credible, based on the language used in it and other unique markings for "Daash".

    The Indian authorities have prevented more than 25 citizen for "Daash" join after that Tpartyoa at the hands of this organization.Security and watching closely these lives, but he decided not to arrest or charge, in an effort to urge the new extremists to abandon this hard-line ideology rather than punished.

    The Indian Defence Minister, Rao Aandrgit, had said earlier, "The Daash" bank balance allows him to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan.This statement is added to the modern "Daash" himself last month that he is approaching from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

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