Armenian and Iraqi ministers discuss cooperation opportunities



YEREVAN. – Peculiarities and advantages for the start of economic activities in Armenia, favorable conditions for external trade were presented by Armenia's Economy Minister Karen Chshmarityan during his meeting with Iraqi Kurdistan Planning Minister Ali Sindi. The meeting was attended by Iraq's Ambassador to Armenia Gazi Tahir Haled, Armenia's Ambassador to Iraq Karen Grigoryan and Deputy Economy Minister Sergey Avetisyan. Minister Ali Sindy noted that this visit is a chance to review the existing potential for cooperation in areas of mutual interest. During the meeting, Minister Chshmaritian spoke about the possibilities of launching production in free economic zones functioning in Armenia. Given Armenia's experience in the fields of greenhouses, light industry, pharmaceuticals, water and cigarettes, the Minister proposed to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the mentioned spheres. Karen Chshmarityan also proposed to organize a business forum in the margins of the next meeting of the Armenian-Iraqi intergovernmental commission. Armenia News