Community banks and financial companies millions of dollars turned into Doaash Nineveh and Kirkuk

Special scales News - He learned from a source in the parliamentary finance committee, on Wednesday, the existence of financial transfers millions of dollars to shift to some areas and cities that fall under the grip Daash terrorist organization, especially the provinces of Nineveh and Kirkuk. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for / scales News / "The members of the committee have received Akhbarat from informed sources stating the existence of community banks and companies money transfer in Baghdad are sending millions of dollars to elements of al Daash terrorist in the provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk by some brokers and traders who finance the terrorist organization, "revealing" is also about the existence of financial firms in Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE are converting sums of money to the elements of the terrorist organization to the provinces of Nineveh and Kirkuk as well. " The source acknowledged that "some of those who are converting the funds of private banks in Baghdad take at least $ 100 million a month for its own account," noting that "The objective is to contribute to the conversion of large sums of money to terrorist Daash both in Nineveh or Kirkuk." This confirmed an expert on armed groups Fouad Ali that "the organization now has many sources of income, can not be ignored, including the oil and royalties, Zakat and alms from the merchants who are forced they pay." This "is directed terrorist organization Daash great interest the economic side where approved financial budget for 2015, estimated at two billion dollars, and the expected surplus of $ 250 million" .