Change: three key points of the proposals to amend the presidency of the region Law

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Kurdish Change Movement member Adnan Othman, said the Kurdish parties in the Parliament of the region are going to install three key points in the proposed amendment presidency of the Kurdistan region, notably the law that the parliament shall nominate the region's president. And opposes the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, and the party led by (KDP) an amendment to the presidency of the Kurdistan region Act, which allows the selection of the president directly without the intervention of Parliament of the region. He added Osman's (IMN), "The Legal Committee will prepare a comprehensive report to be submitted within days to the presidency of the region's parliament, which will be held a special meeting to vote on a proposed amendment to the presidency of the Kurdistan region before entering the territory constitutional vacuum in the 19th of next month."
And it decided the Kurdistan Democratic Party members today, Wednesday, to withdraw from the meeting of the legal committee in the regional parliament in protest at proposals to discuss an amendment to the Law presidency of the province, while the Legal Committee decided to postpone the meeting and give another chance to the Kurdish parties to agree on amendments to the Act.

Othman said that "the proposals Kurdish opposition parties include the installation of modifying the system of government from presidential to parliamentary, and choosing the head of the region must be of Parliament, and the development of new mechanisms to determine the powers of the president."

And seeking Kurdish parties to make another amendment in the Constitution of the region many of its articles notably transforming the system of government in the region from the presidential to the parliamentary allowing Parliament naming the Kurdistan Regional Government and define the powers of the region's president.

And rejected the election commission in the Kurdistan region earlier request by regional president Massoud Barzani presidency of the region to conduct elections in 20 of the next month, the UNHCR said it is unable to hold elections to the ceiling set by Barzani.