Al-Zubaidi orders to pay the salaries of railway staff after a mass demonstration closed roads in Baghdad

Shafaq News / An informed source at the General Company for Railways of the Ministry of Transportation
revealed on Wednesday, that the Minister of Transportation , Baqer al-Zubaidi ordered to pay the General Company for railway employees' salaries shortly after starting a mass demonstration of the employees The source told Shafaq News, that "dozens of general staff of the company of the railway company closed roads in Baghdad and the railway crossings in protest at the lack of late disbursement of salaries after considering them as self-financing institutions." The source added that "the officials told the demonstrators that the Minister of Transportation ordered to pay the delayed salaries of the employees." Yesterday, the Directorate General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation’ staff have given the Federal government , one day to back down from the decision of cutting their monthly salaries after considering them as a self-financing institution or resort to sit-in and stop the movement of trains. The official of vehicles inspection in the Directorate , Jassim Fazaa told Shafaq News” that “The railway staff totaling more than 5000 employees have not received their monthly salaries for current July, which was supposed to be received before Eid holiday," adding that "the Ministry of Finance Company reported not to pay salaries for the coming months to be considered as self-financing institution.