Foreign investments decline in Arab countries

7/29/2015 0:00

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Recent economic report revealed a decline in foreign direct investment flows to the Arab countries increased by 8 percent, ie, to 44 billion dollars in 2014, compared to 2013, representing 3.6 percent of the global total of $ 1.23 trillion, 6.4 percent of the total developing countries of $ 681 billion.

And foreign investments in the Arab countries fell by 8 percent in 2014, but Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Ajtzbta more than 40 percent of these investments, according to a study published Sunday.

Attracted in the whole Arab countries foreign direct investment worth $ 43.9 billion in 2014 versus $ 47.5 billion in 2013 according to the study issued by the Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation and Export Credit, based in Kuwait.
nor investment still much lower than the 66.2 billion dollars recorded in 2010, before the start of the violence and conflict in the Arab countries. And replaced the United Arab Emirates ranked first in 2014 in terms of the size of investment with $ 10.1 billion, or 0.23 percent of the total investments drawn by the Arab countries, followed by Saudi Arabia with 8 billion or 18.3 percent and then Egypt with 4.8 billion dollars.

The study included 20 of the 22 members of the Arab League with the exception of Syria, which is witnessing a war and the Comoros. Foreign direct investment fell in 15 of these countries, but the six Gulf oil countries attracted half of the investment, according to Aldrash.oodhav report on the Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation and Export Credit, the geographical concentration of inflows continue during the year; where acquired both the UAE and Saudi Arabia for the second year respectively more than 41 percent of the total. The report pointed out that the UAE came in the forefront of countries that accounted for the largest share of foreign investment worth $ 10 billion and share 23 percent, followed by Saudi Arabia in second place worth $ 8 billion and a share of 18.3 percent, as Egypt came in third place with 4,783 billion dollars and by 10.9 percent, and then resolve the Iraq Fourthly worth 4.782 billion dollars and a share of 10.9 percent, then Morocco in fifth place and a $ 3.58 billion by 8.2 report on the number of foreign companies operating in the Arab States of the company in April 7423 / April of 2014 to 6109 companies in April of 2015, which led to the contraction of the region's share from 10 percent to 7 percent of the total number of companies investing outside its borders in the world, and investing those companies in the 10600 project in the Arab region, and by about 5.6 percent of the total number of foreign projects existing in the world estimated at 189 thousand project, and that since 2003 and until April / May 2015.oukdr report the cost of foreign direct investment projects in the region, including more than a trillion dollars, as was estimated total employment provided by these projects about 1.7 million jobs. The focus of companies and projects of foreign direct investment in the region in a limited number of countries, where acquired all of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to more than 76 percent of the total foreign investment companies in the region and more than 54 percent of the projects.

In contrast, the report said: outward FDI from Arab countries flows have fallen by 10 percent to $ 33.4 billion, 2014 compared to the year 2013, representing 2.5 percent of the global total, of 1354 billion dollars, and 7.1 percent of the total developing countries, of $ 468 billion .