Maliki: Iraq sons defeated Daash Petkatvhm and unity

(Independent) .. Vice President Nuri al-Maliki that the sons of Iraq were defeated and Tkacvhm Daash their unity and their rejection of the instigators of sedition and sectarianism.

Maliki said at a meeting with Ms. Iraqi or Qusay, which contributed to rescue a number of Spyker base soldiers in Salah al-Din province, said Ms. M Qusay position historic position foiled all the attempts that were aimed at broadcast distinction between Iraqis, and these positions are not stranger to our mothers and our women Vhnakalmiat of Iraqi who had registered the positions taken gold leaf.

He added that the courage or Qusay is an extension of valor or a pro in Anbar and sacrifice of the martyr Al-Futtaim Shammari in Mosul and all those titles hit the example in courage, nobility and defend the dignity, noting that the Iraqi people is sticking to its unity and will defeat terrorism and routed schemes designed to divide.

The al-Maliki honored Ms. M Qusay in appreciation of their efforts in saving the lives of a number of the sons of the Iraqi army in Salahuddin province.