Parliament speaker calls for the United Nations largest humanitarian role in Iraq

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Iraqi Parliament Speaker student Saleem al-Jubouri , Wednesday, the United Nations largest humanitarian role in Iraq with respect to help the displaced and to shed light on the organization of "crimes Daash ", pointing out that the humanitarian crisis experienced by Iraq require extraordinary efforts.

Jubouri said Office in a statement received Alsumaria News copy of it, "House Speaker received in his office today, representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR Bruno Guido," noting that "During the meeting, the review of the UN's efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the displaced families and to provide humanitarian support through the provision of all the necessary supplies to alleviate their suffering. "

He called al-Jubouri international organizations to "a greater role in Iraq by highlighting the organization Daash terrorist crimes and mobilize the international humanitarian effort to help victims of terrorism and military operations in the conflict zones," stressing "the importance of communication and the continued coordination between the Parliament of the United Nations and the Commission in order to help the displaced." .

Jubouri said that the "humanitarian crisis experienced by Iraq needs to extraordinary efforts by all sides," stressing "the need to have the United Nations play an important role in the reconstruction of infrastructure to areas liberated from the reconstruction process Daash terrorist gangs".

Iraq has been an extraordinary security situation, the security where the military operations are continuing to expel the organization "Daash" of areas where the spread, as the international coalition carried out air strikes targeting the organization sites in different areas expected deaths and injuries in the ranks.