Al-Zubaidi: What happened demonstration rail is arranged at night and we will hold a meeting tomorrow to hold negligent

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Said Transport Minister Bayan Jabr , Wednesday, what happened in a demonstration railway employees that he "is masterminded at night", and was charged with political parties "suspicious" of trying to create "confusion", he confirmed that a meeting will be held tomorrow to hold negligent and perform movements and changes in the railway administration.

Zubaidi said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "what happened in a demonstration rail is arranged at night where two trains move early in the morning and cut off the main roads," adding that "what happened behind it suspicious political parties want to create confusion and chaos and inconvenience citizens and embarrass the government ".

He said al-Zubaidi "At a time where I was met with six international companies to build the port of Faw was the events and news coming in but it did not affect the success of the first international conference on investment for the port of Faw held at Baghdad airport major international companies attended, including French CMA company, which comes in the Third World sequence "noting that" after trading with companies together and watch their presentations we held separate meetings with each company in the presence of art dealer and general manager of ports and director of the port of Faw. "

Dozens of the General Company for Railways in Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces staff demonstrated, on Wednesday, in protest against the delayed payment of their salaries, with some demonstrators cut off the head of ways by train carriages, which led to traffic jams for several hours.

And got Alsumaria News, a copy of the demands of the demonstrators, which included the conversion of the company from self-financing to central, adjusting the salary scale like other ministries, and install the director general of the railway in his job as general manager authentic, as well as other demands, as he emphasized observer of the demonstration in an interview with Alsumaria News , that the demands of the demonstrators focused on the issue of salaries and adjusted according to the pay scale.