Abadi decide include houses state officials with programmed electricity 7/29
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Thread: Abadi decide include houses state officials with programmed electricity 7/29

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    Abadi decide include houses state officials with programmed electricity 7/29

    Abadi decides to include houses of state officials with programmed for electricity and prohibit fuel allocations

    Shafaq News / Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi decided to include the homes of the Iraqi state staff and its departments with the programmed power cut off, after rising power that has plagued Iraq since the nineties of the past century pieces.

    Electricity supply system in Iraq is suffering from decades of neglect and lack of new investment, which began because of previous wars.

    By 2003, the government has been able to provide acceptable levels of electricity supplies to Baghdad, but other provinces were getting supplies of less than the capital enjoys.

    After 2003 , the successive governments spent billions of dollars on the electric power sector due to the crisis especially with the high temperatures.

    As a result, Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi decided to include houses of all state officials, including the leader of the Council of Ministers residence, ministers , three presidencies , their deputies, deputies, governors, presidents , members of provincial councils , independent bodies ,advisers , directors-general with the programmed electricity cut off.

    A government statement said that it is strictly prohibited to use the fuel allocations from the state to run generators for private residence of all officials in the state.

    The statement added that the electricity cut off will include all state institutions outside official working hours with the exception of hospitals, orphanages and old people institutions that require them to work outside official working times and institutions that contain equipment and materials which require the continuation of electricity.

    Power cut off extended over a wider area of ​​southern Iraq crisis, after mass demonstrations inBasra, which resulted in clashes with security forces evacuated people signed a number of wounded among protests as demonstrations took place also in Najaf, Muthanna and Dhi- Qar provinces.

    Mass protests started also from Basra to include various cities of southern Iraq, as Muthanna, Dhi –Qar and Najaf, and may include all southern provinces to extend to Baghdad if the situation continues as it is.

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