Darraji: the success of private sector support for economic development

7/29/2015 0:00

Positive proposals contained in the symposium investment and the Iraqi Reconstruction Development Center

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

sparked the third Economic Forum of the Center for Investment Development and Reconstruction Moadig very important focused on the reality of domestic production and the industrial sector in general.

This detailed important and vital in supporting government policies towards research opportunities to diversify its sources income outside the oil revenues of interest to economists and respective personnel.

We have diagnosed the seminar through the word head of the center Ibrahim Baghdadi elements of weakness that led to the decline in the industrial sector and research the possibility of promotion through fruitful and constructive cooperation between the public representative state and the private sector of businessmen and owners of laboratories and companies sector .
For his part, counting the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji this seminar important step and positive, which would make him groping for near and through hearing the owners regard Barzan challenges to work on overcoming them.
He said the ministry orientation will be toward encouraging the private sector to work on industry and investment activate it through partnerships and mixed sector First, except for some industries that see that the survival of the state, should be especially military industries such as ammunition industry as well as industries related to food security either staying industries it must rise by the private sector.

He stressed the importance to cooperate in finding a mechanism to attract business and industry sophisticated men to the local yard work, pointing that the next phase need for concerted efforts and cohesion of ideas between the government apparatus and the private sector, indicating that the face of any obstacles to the completion of the goals of cooperation and activation of industrial production.

He Darraji to the existence of significant challenges frustrate any attempt to build a strong economy in Iraq and in the case of this conviction on the part of everyone will know how to work with some, that there is a real factory of the private sector, I prepared a plant belonging to the state because the state of local industry or any goods has been made ​​in Iraq is that success for the Ministry of Industry and the Iraqi government, both produced by the state or private sector, and I will work for the application of customs tariffs and fees Law that impose the laws made ​​by Parliament on the material, which is perfect and here must be addressed for the voices that do not want to promote the industry in Iraq.

On the subject of partnerships, where you must open the door to run the public sector through the private sector, he said: We in the Ministry of Industry we can not create new production lines as that Our infrastructure level below average need to qualify, while ensuring product marketing name of the state and some said there was a lot of partnerships are currently in the Ministry of Industry and I'm here I want to make it clear that anyone who does not have experience in the industry field it operates will not be a partner to the Ministry of Industry , and will be competition between the two parties symmetrical.

On the subject of the Industrial Bank Darraji he said: I think there is a kind of necessary loans at this stage but critically loans will not be given even more credit opened by Industrial Bank through the Trade Bank of Iraq to import the productivity of plants and clear-cut lines according to feasibility studies fundamentalist in order to ensure that the money will go to the correct places in order to prevent exploitation and that the loans will be used in industrial development.

Darraji said, the investor must or who are interested in a partnership with the Ministry of Industry to help on the subject of local manpower, and absorbed by, but not to the extent that lose investor where you must work according to the equation that both parties be winners.

The Chairman of the Investment Development and Reconstruction Center Iraqi Ibrahim al-Baghdadi said: The trend that is visible today from the state and the government is with the private sector support and encouragement, but there are some attempts to thwart this trend, pointing to a point important to note is the definition of your money or individual money that is part of the public money, which must be maintained both as two sides of the same coin, and that there are four key pieces of legislation did not do the most important customs tariff law and the Consumer Protection Act and the law of the national product protection as well as anti-dumping law , noting that it Imad industry calendar in Iraq.

He said Associate Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Nawfal Al-Hassan fact that the confusion in the identity of the Iraqi economy during the last period between talking about the free economy and the practice of totalitarian economy, and that this imbalance in the structure of the economy Tdarkih current government through the allocation of part of our government program for the diagnosis of this disorder. and then Dr. Hamid Anbari occur Turning to the need to establish a new plant produces materials that we prepare important and sovereign as a laboratory caustic soda is important to the production of which is the chlorine used in the disinfection of drinking water and the product of a substance salt in Samawa and lab It will begin production of 15 card fifteen thousand tons and that Iraq needs between 25-23 thousand tons.