Banking behavior - 2 -

Author: Yasser incumbent

07/29/2015 0:00

We talked in a previous column about the importance of the banking behavior in the reputation and performance of the banking sector, and we mentioned that there Hawwat diagnosed deviation it and promised real examples when we say "to talk connection."

In a review of one of the private banks to receive monthly salary across the smart card (Ki-Card).

After Network Initiative Media adopting this mechanism, and when the competent employee insert the card in your device did not appear, referring to interruption of the net for the heat of the moment I was asked why the employee concerned? Go and audited after an hour could return signal !!, through this behavior, you can imagine how the waste of time, if assigned himself to re-attempt to possible to show (Allsth).

In another strange story told by my colleague for doing to go to one government banks this time to deposit the amount of La Paz and saved it in savings accounts Vajotha one of the employees request them to submit a written pledge not to claim all the benefits of savings, is this how to deal with customers? Eight such conduct should issue instructions unannounced !!

This behavior did not Aguetsraly civil and government banks only but also extended to the banking companies, where he told me one retired position he had encountered during the review a banking offices to collect his salary pension, his office gave him a salary Baksameen dinar and the dollar in the period The dollar exchange rate which was up what he paid to take advantage of the price difference at the expense of retired pay !! Behavior here need a calendar pause, how can explain such phenomena? ..

This deal is incompatible with the most basic banking business successful conditions which requires the submission of a simplified services to attract customers and stimulate the banking performance. In the first story is a waste of time concern the employee athletics entertainment on the computer provided by the banks and you imagine the situation.

The scene II, at a time when banks sought to attract savings to provide the necessary liquidity to stimulate the performance of banks find such behavior repellent savings without a sense of responsibility and do not think there is instructed not to accept savings accounts only if that bank dispense with his activity and push the bank into zombies from without any services.

The scene is the third it reflects the behavior of some employees in the banking offices and of basely themselves retired salary !!, there is a real need for a review of the banking behavior, and the departments of banks, government was or civil is responsible for the correct path through various means that we have mentioned in the previous column, we will be watching to see.