Abdul-Mahdi Iraq is not bankrupt and monthly imports exceed five billion dollars 7/27
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Thread: Abdul-Mahdi Iraq is not bankrupt and monthly imports exceed five billion dollars 7/27

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    Abdul-Mahdi Iraq is not bankrupt and monthly imports exceed five billion dollars 7/27

    Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq is not bankrupt and monthly imports exceed five billion dollars, despite the collapse of oil prices

    Oasis News Liberty - Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Sunday responded to a report published by the United Arab Emirates} {Union has stats and inaccurate numbers and describes Badz Iraq, saying that "Iraq is not bankrupt and monthly imports exceed five billion dollars, despite the collapse of oil prices." Abdul-Mahdi, said today that "the newspaper {Union UAE} Published on 22.07.2015, citing" the International Center for British Studies developmental "report {not sure of the seriousness or even its existence}, and in turn, quoted by the newspaper and the Arab media and Iraqi texts published by" Union, "she says," that Iraq will be unable to pay the salaries of its employees because of exceeded the deficit in the financial budget of the country's $ 50 billion".

    The report stated that" the deficit is not justified, the fact that the budget prepared on the basis price of $ 90 a barrel while did not say price Oil below $ 100 ".. Carter said" truncated 15% of the allocated oil investment budget cut Iraqi exports during the past three months, the impact on state revenues and plans to increase exports to more than 3.5 million barrels ".. He continued," The oil giants are not able to deal with the turbulent environment of the economy ".. and that" Iraq's budget deficit contributed to weaken the government's ability to extend security being at war in Anbar cost the state $ 7 million a day. "

    He explained that "misinformation size large and lying himself .. Estimates of oil built at $ 56 a barrel and not $ 90 .. and that oil prices collapsed to half of what the report reminded him during the first half of 2015, and that the figures contained oil erroneous absolutely .. The work of foreign companies, the rest is in full swing, and there is plenty of interest in investing in Iraq. The budget did not built on the 3.5 million barrels per day, but was built on the 3.3 million barrels a day, come 550 000 barrels per day from the province and 2.75 million barrels of Southern ports, and the fact that the export figures today exceeded both the planned budget or even spoke with him The report .. If we left the first quarter of the year and the problems with the province about what betray him of imports as a result of its oil exports, the total exports in steady progress. "

    He said the "southern ports exports have exceeded during recent months, three million barrels per day, and almost exports from Ceyhan 500 thousand barrels per day, noting that the Ministry of Oil are allocated in recent months quantities of crude oil to the Ministry of Electricity exceeded Al200-300 thousand barrels per day. "

    and he finished by saying, "The disregard for the minds of people appears when the talk about bankruptcy .. Countries do not go bankrupt but are facing difficulties and crises. . and the crisis in Iraq is in the over-the-absurd expenses and non-adult and not in its resources mainly .. and its difficulties are in the economic its system, which is now entirely dependent on oil, and where Tashast fiefs administrative, financial, and legislation obsolete prevent him invest large energies available. Yes, there are great difficulties is not to prevent bankruptcy, but to overcome the waste and holidays and corruption, particularly since the country's reserves reserves but a few, of which about $ 67 billion in the Central Bank .. and that oil production is increasing monthly and imports today exceed 5 billion dollars, despite the collapse of oil prices .. and the average Annual per capita income up to $ 6400, it is more nearly what it was in 2003 10 times .. and the rate of the budget deficit, as well as public debt to national GDP rate are still much lower than many neighboring countries. "

    He stressed "the media to beware of promotion Almthavth reports, which cover the same foreign names sometimes to give credibility to itself .. and already there is a need to "Facts Checker" in the media, as demanded by "the Iraqi media house to prevent the promotion of distorted news, and that may be tucked originally."

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