Experts: edit Mosul will be swift and easy 7/28/2015
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Thread: Experts: edit Mosul will be swift and easy 7/28/2015

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    Experts: edit Mosul will be swift and easy 7/28/2015

    Experts: edit Mosul will be swift and easy

    Edit Anbar University and parts of the building from the revival of nationalization and other parts of the process were not a surprise Fajbrat anti-terrorism device is supported by guaranteed defeat "Daash" gangs and terrorist machine media declared and support her in the usurped the cities of terror perched on Sderha.aly this confirms the head of assigning Fallujah Council Abdul Rahman Namrawi that the gangs "Daash" Filoggiot kidnapped a group of women and two women killed them on the back of the citizens in the Golan and twenty downtown street demonstrations rejects the presence of these terrorists, and for the salvation of killings, abductions and forced royalties.

    In the case of popular boiling point to ready a lot of people of the city to fight the terrorists when he ordered the Third Regiment, Major General revealed in 30 patients Colonel Mahmoud al-Jumaili show for former army officers and tribal leaders Fallujah willingness to support the security forces entered the case to crack.

    In Mosul, the sources of the "morning" confirm from within the city and the existence of a state of popular boiling and prepare for the expulsion of "Aldoaash" and indicated the MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Nora Albjara "that the liberalization of Anbar inspired hope in the hearts of all the people of Nineveh to liberate their city from the hands of" Daash gangs " criminal ", Aaazha the same token MP for the province of Nineveh, Mahamat Nouri Abed Rabbo, who said:" The liberalization of gray and the University of hands "Daash" a positive step that will restore hope to the people of Nineveh in the liberation of the city from the organization "Daash" criminal "statement.He Strutigion and military experts "morning" that the liberalization of the city of Mosul would be swift and easier than imagined observers, and reported that the ranks of the terrorist organization in a state of fear and chaos, particularly in the areas usurped.
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