The House of Representatives steps to support the budget and finish reading 7/28/2015
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Thread: The House of Representatives steps to support the budget and finish reading 7/28/2015

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    The House of Representatives steps to support the budget and finish reading 7/28/2015

    The House of Representatives in favor of steps to support the budget and finish reading two bills and honors Ms. Umm Qusay

    Majlis deputies finished sixth in its session of the first legislative term of the legislature enacted the second, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 228 deputies on Tuesday, 28.07.2015 the first and second readings of two bills supported steps in budget support. At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri presented on behalf of the House of Representatives hottest condolences to the deputy Hassan al-Shammari of the death of the late mother. This was followed by MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar statement condemning the terrorist incident which targeted a group of young people to one of the pools in the district of Tuz, noting that the city lost more than 1,200 dead and more than 10 000 wounded, mostly Turkmen, called on the government and the House of Representatives to stand with the ill-fated judiciary and provide assistance to rebuild reconstruction and compensation for those affected and to provide compensation to 10 billion and 10 billion for infrastructure reconstruction.

    This was followed, defense and foreign relations committees Security statement Mstrkaan Turkish bombardment of targets inside Iraqi territory confirmed the keenness of the House of Representatives to strengthen and develop relations with Turkey on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs and take care of common interests.

    He denounced the statement violation of Iraq's sovereignty and airspace, calling on Turkey to stop the violations by the Turkish military aircraft that caused extensive damage to the lives and property of the Iraqi villages of citizens border because the continuation of these policies will negatively affect the relations between the two countries and praised Turkish efforts to counter Daash with the need to take necessary measures to prevent the infiltration of terrorists actions cross-border, demanding the Iraqi government to take the steps needed to stop the Turkish violation and prevent its recurrence and to protect Iraq's sovereignty and security of its citizens.

    In another matter, Mr. Speaker stressed about ways to support the budget that the presidency of the Council has taken into account during the meeting yesterday held inter measures both to reduce the salaries of presidencies or staff in accordance with natural contexts, especially with what Iraq is going through financial hardship either lower oil prices or increase spending to fight terrorism and that of his successor, unexpected aspects of spending and no longer hidden.

    President al-Jubouri called on government ministries to make efforts each according Achtsastha out of the financial crisis, calling for submission of their proposals to the Finance Committee on ways to support the budget and the reduction of expenditure, especially that the council will endeavor including commissioned its duties according to the constitution through important laws and eliminate legislation on financial corruption.

    Mr. President of the Council called on the Council of Ministers to submit draft based laws on in-depth studies to the requirements of Iraqi society, especially in the financial aspects, stressing that the House of Representatives supported and bless any action aimed at supporting the budget to enable the State to provide services, especially the Council of Ministers' decision on the reduction of salaries that to graduate measures for the framework of legality including them vulnerable to challenge as legitimate as happened regarding previous laws on reducing the salaries and allowances of the three presidencies, urging the Council of Ministers to submit a bill containing all the ways to support the budget and is departs from the appeal fact been adopted by the Council of Ministers of the decision and despite our support for him outside powers Almaklh and submits it to appeal, he expressed the readiness of the Council and its commitment to morally and politically to enact a law in this regard.

    President al-Jubouri, and the face of the Finance Committee to receive recommendations from the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives for ways to support the budget and to report to the Council in this matter, (the text of the statement ways to support the budget).

    Council ended the first reading of the draft national card law submitted by the committees, defense and legal services and reconstruction, security, which comes due to the multiplicity of tariff documents to the citizens and to alleviate the burden on the citizen and keep pace with progress in government work systems in the developed world through the use of the latest management systems and aim to integrated network building Civil Information and unify the Iraqi nationality certificate model and model ID card and residence card model in a single document and within one network information.

    This was followed by the Women's Commission statement on the heroic stance of the Iraqi Women (Umm Qusay) in terms of science to the heroic role in the protection of 25 young survivors of the massacre Spyker risk of terrorist Daash, noting that Ms. Iraqi risked their lives in order to protect young people from Kid terrorists.
    [10:32:01 AM] sunshinegal772: The Committee confirmed that Ms. Umm Qusay position is an expression of national unity and the defeat of sectarian declared awarded a trophy and a financial reward in recognition of the heroic stance.

    And Mrs. Umm Qusay received through the House of Representatives session gift for the Committee on Women, Family and Children , with the price of Mr. Jubouri heroic nations done.

    On the other hand, the Board completed the second reading of the draft federal civil service law and provided legal and financial committees.

    In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, MP Fatima Hamidi stressed the importance of reference to the qualification of the employee who serves as general manager and at least a bachelor.

    He suggested MP Hassan Khalati given a choice employee contracted retired between pension or salary Atkadhih in his work.

    It was suggested that the Attorney Joseph Saliwa wait to vote on the bill and make way for his study deeply and ripening of its importance, calling for the law contains clauses provide protection for workers slice.

    Considered high Nassif MP and an overlap in powers between the draft federal law of service with the service of the Federal Law, calling for the adoption of the appointment in accordance with the principle of aerodynamics.

    For his part, MP Ammar Tohme that applies the principle of equal opportunities to special grades and is not limited to public office only that there not be a distinction on a political basis, calling for increased temporal leeway to cancel direct employee his job from 10 days to 30 days whether inside Iraq and 60 days If the outside.

    He urged the MP Abbas al-Bayati, to restrict the article on the return of the employee resigned to the function of the reasons stated during a return request to Position

    She MP Birwan reformer to the importance of leadership to be the occupants of grades of higher education and private Maitalq Braoads universities, institutes and departments of higher education.

    He called Abdul Kahar Samurai to be the circuit problem legislator by the House and not by the Council of Ministers only, urging the importance of taking into account the principles of justice and the national balance in jobs and ensure the rights of the employee during the period of the contract.

    For its part, Rep. Nora Albjara showed the need to define a unified program within the law to facilitate the issue of redeployment of jobs by the government, the contractors who are required to install within the permanent staffing.

    He stressed the importance of MP Mohammed Naji legislation law for special service and attention to appoint people with special needs.

    MP suggested Sherine Abdel Rahman Add presidencies of the Kurdistan region to the state departments within the bill.

    It considered MP Laila al-Khafaji, that the draft law is an important pillar of the reform in Iraq and to address the phenomenon of nepotism and favoritism in the granting of jobs, pointing to the importance of setting the standard for the assignment of an employee surplus to retire.

    Turn MP Haneen Qaddo not to adopt the accents in the granting of jobs and put sanctions in the event of discrimination in the granting of the bill.

    MP Zana happy to attach the bill a special table of salaries for the protection of employees' salaries and to involve them in the fight against corruption by giving employee incentives when detected any case of corruption.

    The MP called Zainab Sahlani to subdue the higher grades include career and not according to the whims of officials.

    In its response to the interventions of the Committee on the draft law it indicated its willingness to consider the proposals submitted and examined, including fueling hurt in the bill and legislation.

    And then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday 30.07.2015

    The information department

    Iraqi Council of Representatives
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