Economic expert: Iraq to take advantage of its relationship with Iran for the development of economic situation

He stressed the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on the need for Iraq to take advantage of its relationship with Iran to develop the economic situation, after the rush of large companies as a result of the recent nuclear agreement with the world powers. Antoine said that "Iraq must know how to organize and put trade and economic benefit from its relationship with Iran in the development of its economy." He added that "distinguished relations linking Iraq with neighboring Iran in the period of the siege and before the blockade, as there are business relationships and extensive and ongoing," adding that "Iraq stop the brotherly attitude along with Iran, as was Iran's large and spacious him exports and the side aspires to reach Iraq to import it for about $ 20 billion. " Antoine pointed out that "Iran is looking to open up to the world and this is a big opportunity for her, and that Iraq knows how to handle sound ways to take advantage of the productive sectors and development in the fields of industry, agriculture and equal opportunities and mutual benefits."