Energy Committee in the Council of Ministers decided to use the oil to finance future projects

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - July 28: chaired by Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa al-Araji, the official at his office in Baghdad, the meeting atheist tenth of the energy committee in the Council of Ministers. A statement issued by al-Araji Office / Iraq Press / copy of it, "received the Committee discussed a number of topics on the agenda and took the necessary decisions and recommendations thereon." The statement added, "The Commission approved the use of oil to fund future investment projects and giant master and oil and gas, and the search for international companies to contract on credit for the development of power transmission sector, provided that complete its work cut the time limited and repayment periods soft according to the mechanisms established by the relevant committee in the Council of Ministers ".
He said, it was "also agreed to exceptions contained in the book and the Ministry of Electricity to buy material gas oil, also agreed to address the scarcity of water provided by the Higher Committee for the initiative agricultural procedures, as recommended approached the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to obtain the approval of the Council of Ministers to instruct the Ministry of Finance to convert amounts accruing to the Ministry of Oil (SOMO) for ensuring the good performance of the companies collaborating with the Ministry of Electricity. "

And chairs the Committee on Energy Affairs in the Council of Ministers, the Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa al-Araji, and membership includes all of the ministers of oil, electricity, higher education and water resources and the environment.